Sunday, September 9, 2012






  1. love that black bag!!!!!

  2. Killer pics, I love your arm candy in the second one!

    xx lauren

  3. Great pics... Loving the arm candy as well! Xx

  4. Fun and beautiful set of photos! I love your outfit in that first photo.

  5. Wow - I love how artistic these pics have come out; the unpretentious lack of posing. Great stuff! And I love that striped dress as well - very sculptural. Who made it?

  6. Love those bracalets!

    Love from Barcelona.

  7. The first photo is exceptionally beautiful


  8. Such fun pictures! I'm enjoying your blog :)

  9. love those bracelets !! & the last photo is stunning!!

    -one love-

    Hippie Fruit

  10. Love this, your outfits look amazing as far as I can see it! And what a great arm party! xo

    - -

  11. That first shot is love, Gorgeous. Fabulous quick shots, xx

    te amo,

  12. loving these images! so cool! especially love the one with the cartier watch!

    xx anna

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  17. Nice pics. Camara Roll means you are using iPhone at that time.

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