Sunday, April 26, 2009



I am currently in the process of buying a new set o’ wheels. As it stands I have two options. A teni tiny German thang that is so fuel efficient it would probably run on a cappachino. Its easy to park, Its got airbags, Its kinda cute. Its also kinda everywhere. I don’t want to be “that guy”. Which is exactly why im 99% sure Im going for option two- A petrol guzzeling, enormous, hard to park, easy to derail, airbag-less, Beautiful old gold Mercedes. It would cost me $10,000 a year to run and is just asking to be stripped and sold for parts. Its perfect for where I live but not for what I need to do. Which is drive around the city every second day- And for those who don’t frequent Surry Hills some roads are so tiny that it feels like you’ve ended up in legoland. So what to do? Americans once told me that when a problem comes along, you must whip it- And I think looking badass is almost worth 10K. Stay tuned (pun intended).


  1. this is probably the hardest decision that's had to be made since do we or don't we leave the couch today..

  2. after seeing the apartment i have my final decision locked in.. who cares about the car when THAT could be yours.. AMAZING

    DO IT

  3. old n gold..go for it! definitely.

  4. Man! I wish we lived near each husband has welded custom made "veggie" gas tanks for some of our friends..I'm sure there may be someone around you that could do the same thing as well!! It's well worth it! You just have to clean out the tank every so often.. but who can complain when you get your fuel for free at random "greasy" restaurants!

  5. lol they are both german so you cant go wrong.

    Keep up the awesa-duity!

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